My mother had chest pain yesterday and per her doctor's orders, she went to the hospital. Originally they found nothing, but today they found a very long 80% blockage that required 2 stents. Now she is having some other problems with her health that may or may not be associated to the above. I ask you to keep her in your prayers, please. Thank you in advance.
My humble prayer to St. Nektarios that he will intercede on your mother, Sharla's behalf...and help her through this health trial which she faces right now. Lord have mercy!

The offspring of Selyvria and the guardian of Aegina,
the true friend of virtue who appeared in the last days..
we faithful honour thee as a Godly servant of Christ,
for thou pourest forth healings of all kinds for those who piously cry out:
Glory to Christ who glorified thee
Glory to Him who made thee wondrous
Glory to Him who worketh healings for all through thee!
Prayers for Sharla, the mother of our brother, Nik, that she be restored to health and that God grant her many years.
O Lord please protect Sharla, and restore her back to good health so she may continue to live according to Your plan and grant her many years.
Prayers for your mother's healing...
Thank you for your prayers. She is now home and doing well.
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Thank you for your prayers. She is now home and doing well.

Thank God...may His healing hand continue to help your mother Sharla, bringing her to complete and total health and happiness.

Glory to God for all things!
Prayers for the total recover of the handmaid of Lord Sharla.
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