Posted By: Anna My Best Friend in ICU - 04/21/14 02:13 PM
Please pray for my best friend, Diane, a wife and mother of five grown children. She spent Holy Week in ICU with serious pain and infection from complications from a kidney stone. Her loving and devoted husband Joseph has not left her side throughout this ordeal. Please pray for him as well. Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!
Posted By: Slavophile Re: My Best Friend in ICU - 04/21/14 04:13 PM
I can well sympathise. I will pray.
Posted By: Garajotsi Re: My Best Friend in ICU - 04/22/14 06:01 PM
Praying here too

Posted By: Anna Re: My Best Friend in ICU - 04/23/14 08:27 AM
Thank you for praying. Diane has been making progress. She is almost pain free now and getting a little stronger everyday. She is still fighting the infection in her body and the kidney stone cannot be removed until the infection is gone. But all signs are pointing to starting to heal. Please continue your prayers however. And thank you.
Posted By: tscripa Re: My Best Friend in ICU - 04/23/14 08:04 PM
Your friend and her husband will be in my prayers, Anna.

Posted By: Irish Melkite Re: My Best Friend in ICU - 04/24/14 10:11 PM
Prayers for Diane's full and complete recovery!
Posted By: Anna Re: My Best Friend in ICU - 04/25/14 02:55 PM
Thank you for your prayers. Diane is home now and her white blood count has been consistently dropping. That means the anti-biotics are working. She will have another blood test in 2 weeks to determine if the infection is gone. If so she will have a procedure to remove the kidney stone which is still lodged in the urinary tract. It's hard to believe something so tiny could cause so much distress. She spent her time in the hospital in the Coronary Care Unit and suffered excruciating muscle spasms throughout her body. But thanks be to God she seems to be out of the woods now...
Posted By: Job Re: My Best Friend in ICU - 04/26/14 04:19 PM
Continued prayers for Diane & Joseph! Christ is Risen!
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