Posted By: Tammy Unemployed - AGAIN! - 01/18/16 08:44 PM
For the second time in 6 years. I have been laid off and I'm scrambling for the cash to pay the bills! Last time, I knew it was coming, and I sold my Chaplets&Chotkis business ahead of time so my family could survive.

This time around, layoffs have been happening for over a year, and I haven't been touched so I thought I was safe. No such luck. I was laid off over a week ago, and I still have received nothing from the state to even confirm that I will get unemployment funds. After I receive that confirmation, it's another 2 weeks until I get any money - which will be less than half my regular pay!

I've put on eBay what was left of Chaplets&Chotkis under a new name, "Kalona Matir" which means Mother's Heart, but no sales. Please pray for me that I will find work, and that meanwhile my unemployment funds will come in and that I'll get sales on eBay for now!

Thank you,
Posted By: Orthodox Catholic Re: Unemployed - AGAIN! - 01/19/16 09:21 AM
Hi Tammy!

Prayers for your intentions! Having lost jobs more than once now, I well know how wrenching the experience is which can lead one to despair.

Lord have mercy!

Posted By: Ray S. Re: Unemployed - AGAIN! - 01/20/16 09:34 PM

I echo what Alex said. Having lost jobs myself I know what you are going through.

Jesus Christ Son of God have Mercy!

Posted By: Alice Re: Unemployed - AGAIN! - 01/21/16 10:12 AM
Lord have mercy! My earnest prayers for you, dear Tammy.

May God, through the prayers of your friends and all the saints, as well as His most Holy Mother, help you get through this difficult time. AMEN.

**This Orthodox saint is very well known for her many miracles helping those seeking employment. Here is a link to her Akathist, which you may want to pray daily. I know she will help you somehow. She was a source of comfort and aid to all that met her in her day--even giving her beautiful house to her best friend to live in while she took to the land, becoming a holy wanderer and fool for Christ's sake.


With prayers,

Posted By: Tammy Re: Unemployed - AGAIN! - 01/21/16 09:58 PM
Thank you all so much for the understanding and the prayers! I've had two interviews in the past week with agencies, and I had an interview this morning, set up by a headhunter, with a potential employer. The employer said they are hoping to hire someone in 2-4 weeks, so it could be a while before I hear any results. Another headhunter agency is working on setting me up for an interview with an employer soon. So keep those prayers coming!

Thank you so much,
Posted By: Orthodox Catholic Re: Unemployed - AGAIN! - 01/21/16 11:13 PM
Hang onto those beads, Tammy! smile

Posted By: byzanTN Re: Unemployed - AGAIN! - 01/23/16 08:20 AM
Prayers for you.
Posted By: Ray S. Re: Unemployed - AGAIN! - 01/27/16 06:41 PM
Any news on the job front?

Still praying
Posted By: Administrator Re: Unemployed - AGAIN! - 01/28/16 06:55 AM
Posted By: Irish Melkite Re: Unemployed - AGAIN! - 02/03/16 04:02 AM
Tammy, my sister and old friend,

Prayers for your search, that you soon find a satisfying position that gives you both sustenance and satisfaction.

Many years,

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