Posted By: marusia Prayers for my mom - 05/15/19 11:37 AM
I humbly request that you remember in your prayers today my mom Olga who is being rushed into emergency surgery for an abdominal issue.

Posted By: theophan Re: Prayers for my mom - 05/15/19 11:14 PM
Christ is Risen!!

May the Lord extend His Divine Healing Hand and touch your mother, raising her from her illness so that she may return to your family and praise His Holy Name all the days of her life. May He guide the minds and hands of her physicians.


Posted By: Administrator Re: Prayers for my mom - 05/17/19 05:48 PM
Prayers for Marusia's mother, Olga. May the Lord grant her quick and full healing, and a long life leading to salvation.

Christ is Risen!
Posted By: Communion of Saints Re: Prayers for my mom - 05/19/19 03:56 AM
Prayers for a successful surgery and healing for Olga and prayers for Marusia.
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