Posted By: Communion of Saints Prayers for Karlene's surgery - 09/17/19 03:27 PM
Please offer a prayer for Karlene's healing - she's having surgery this morning for what they say was a blocked small intestine but they don't know what is going on yet. She is a previously healthy and active person. Also please pray for Steve who is suffering from a painful case of shingles.
Prayers that they each be completely healed ... and soon!
Posted By: Administrator Re: Prayers for Karlene's surgery - 09/17/19 06:49 PM
Prayers for Karlene, that the Lord god will guide her surgeon through a successful surgery, and that she she heal quickly and fully.

Lord,have mercy!
Sounds like surgery went well though I don't know too much about details, just that she is doing well.
Deo Gratias!
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