Posted By: Administrator Prayers for Afghanistan - 08/16/21 05:01 PM
In your charity please lift up in prayer the peoples of Afghanistan and all who are there to support them in this time of crisis after the U.S. surrender to the Taliban. May those who seek to flee the country do so safety. May those who stay in Afghanistan find a way to stay safe.

Lord, have mercy!
Posted By: Ruthenian1988 Re: Prayers for Afghanistan - 08/17/21 08:57 AM
May the Afghani people come to bear the yoke that has befallen them.
Posted By: Irish Melkite Re: Prayers for Afghanistan - 08/22/21 10:55 AM
prayers for the Afghani peoples and for those who have gone to their aid in these terrible circumstances!
Posted By: theophan Re: Prayers for Afghanistan - 08/24/21 08:38 PM
Christ is in our midst!!

Lord have mercy on all your people who are now trapped in Afghanistan and who face the brutality of the radical interpretation of Islam that the Taliban brings back.
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