Posted By: Devin1890 Prayer - Crowning on Nov. 6 - 10/17/21 07:58 PM
I wish to ask your prayers for a few things related to my upcoming marriage.
1) Everything goes smoothly logistically
2) That my fiance and I will have a fruitful marriage pleasing to God
3) Most of the guests will never have attending a Byzantine Marriage Ceremony. So I am a little apprehensive about the guests responses. I fear it may be strange and off putting to some. But I hope (and with the help of your prayers) that the ceremony might be an illuminating experiencing along with being a source of grace and consolation for all who are in attendance.

Any prayers you can make will be greatly appreciated!
God Bless,
Posted By: theophan Re: Prayer - Crowning on Nov. 6 - 10/17/21 08:27 PM
Christ is in our midst!!


May I suggest that you have your priest provide a little introduction in the program you will give your guests as they enter the temple so that they may have a little idea of what they are experiencing. Even people who are married in Western ceremonies find that there may be many guests who are unchurched and have no idea what the ceremony is about. You might also put in some etiquette tips for those who have never been in an Eastern Catholic or Orthodox church.

I say this because I was a guest at a Latin Catholic wedding in my own parish and witnessed a man walking in and down the main aisle smoking a cigarette. He didn't know there was no smoking in church. (Never saw our pastor run someone down as fast as that time.)

Posted By: Fr. Deacon Thomas Re: Prayer - Crowning on Nov. 6 - 10/18/21 04:30 AM
There are many fine "boilerplate" explanations of the Byzantine/Orthodox Sacrament of Matrimony available that most definitely should be included in the Wedding bulletin/folder/program.

In my GOA parish my Priest always begins a "mixed" Marriage with a few words of explanation about what will happen, including that unlike in a Western rite the couple are entirely silent and ministered unto; quite the contrary to Western understanding that the couple minister the Sacrament to each other with the Priest as the primary witness.
Posted By: Irish Melkite Re: Prayer - Crowning on Nov. 6 - 10/18/21 04:46 PM
Prayers for Devin's intentions and requests. May your marriage be blessed and fruitful!

Many years,

Posted By: Devin1890 Re: Prayer - Crowning on Nov. 6 - 10/18/21 10:46 PM
Thank you for the responses. We are planning to have a program available. We are fortunate that with a small wedding, most or all of the guests are either practicing Christians of some type (Catholic or Protestant) or others have been exposed substantially to a Church environment. So they should be on their best behavior. smile
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