Posted By: Irish Melkite 13th Anniversary, Raymond Taylor - 05/24/22 06:21 AM
In your charity, please remember Raymond Taylor, husband of our beloved fellow forumite and sister, Anhelyna/Our Lady's slave. Saturday, the 28th, will be the 13th anniversary of his repose.

O God of all spiritual and corporeal beings, You Who trampled death, broke the power of Satan and granted life to the whole world, now, O Lord, grant continued and everlasting rest to the soul of Your departed servant, Raymond, in a place of light, freshness, and peace, where there is neither pain, nor sorrow, nor mourning, but only life everlasting.

As You are a gracious God and the Lover of mankind, forgive him every transgression committed by him in word, thought, or deed, since there is no man alive who has not sinned, for You alone are without sin and You are the Resurrection and the Life, O Christ our God, and we render glory to You, together with Your Eternal Father, and Your most Holy, gracious, and life-giving Spirit, now and always and forever.

May his memory be eternal and may his loved ones be comforted in the prayerful expectation of being reunited with him in Heaven.
Thank you for that Neil.

We had 44 years of married life which ended far too soon . I'm so lucky with all my memories of him.

I will be remembering him at Liturgy on Saturday morning
Sending condolences on this anniversary to Our Lady's Slave, Anhelyna.
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