Posted By: Little Green Coat EWTN - 08/05/05 03:23 PM
Just finished watching EWTN program on the Byzantine. It was a very nice introduction to the Byzantine tradition. It was produced by the Byzantine Seminary Press. It is a great introduction to our tradition.

Cheers to EWTN
Posted By: Amadeus Re: EWTN - 08/05/05 04:50 PM
Dear LGC:

I missed the airing of EWTN's special program "The Byzantine Catholic Expression" as I was travelling.

When he was still guesting with EWTN's "The Abundant Life" Series, Fr. Mike Sopoliga did "Discovering the Byzantine Rite," "Art, Architecture & Worship In the Byzantine Catholic Church," and "A Byzantine Catholic Christmas."

I am awaiting the resumption of his "Light of the East" Series with co-host Fr. Joseph Bertha.

Posted By: FrMichaelJS Re: EWTN - 08/05/05 11:45 PM
I always look for EWTN posts and saw yours.
A lot has been said about them (EWTN) on this forum both good and bad. I only know the good, working with them as I have.

That is the difference you know. It's one thing to lament about EWTN being too Latin, but another to just "go there" as I did, tell them they need more Eastern Catholic programming, and back it up with making it happen by writting the shows, and caravaning up there to Birmingham,AL with a van full of stuff for the 15 episodes we would tape in just 4 days!
They have been nothing but wonderful to me, and encouraging as well.

BTW, LOTE will be back at 4:30AM Eastern, on Saturdays in September. Get your Tivo's working!

And, plans for LOTE III are presently in the works with someone familiar to this forum as my co-host! wink

Please pray for Mother Angelica's health too. She would see us arriving at the studio and say "here come the Byzantines!" with a twinkle in her eye; and then she would want to see everything we brought for the shows, and find out what was "for sale!" She bought two of the banners that hung on the sets! God bless her and her gumption to do what she has done, now in its 25th year. Amazing!
Posted By: Alice Re: EWTN - 08/06/05 01:07 AM
Dear Father Michael,

Thanks for sharing that! smile

I have always enjoyed EWTN. I loved the Divine Liturgy you celebrated at the chapel, and I enjoyed 'Light of the East'.

Mother Angelica seems like a very, very special person which God has blessed to bring His love into households and hearts. May God continue to bless her and to improve her health. As I am no longer able to be home to catch EWTN programming during the day, (and unfortunately, here in NY it is no longer available at night) could you please let us know how her health and recovery are these days.

Thank you! smile

Respectfully in Christ,
Posted By: Pani Rose Re: EWTN - 08/06/05 02:10 AM
Fr. Michael,

It is good to see you posting. I agree I have always enjoyed the series LOTE, looking forward to the new ones.

Pani Rose
Posted By: crule Re: EWTN - 08/06/05 03:56 AM
Fr Michael:

Wonderful to see you. I am looking forward to your Catholic Answers program later this month on EWTN Radio.

LOTE will be on in the wee hours in the morning in September? I'm still tivo-ing from the 11:00 am time slot for now - it's moving at the first of the month?
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