Posted By: COATLAXOPEUH HELLO AGAIN - 02/23/06 08:21 PM
Hi my dear brothers and sisters, I was absent for almost two years. You probably don't remember my story: https://www.byzcath.org/cgibin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=2;t=002431;p=1

All I can tell you is that I am still studying my faith, loving it more and more. I continue to ask God to help me and guide me to be a better Christian. I am now a catequist in my church and teach confirmation classes to teens and evangelization to adults for our Hispanic community. My brother loves being home in the Catholic church and we both love our rites with passion and share every great experience and knowledge. He attends mass and continues to pray the Rosary and I attend Liturgy and sing the Akathyst and pray the Jesus prayer, I mean... what more can we ask for?? When it comes to our Catholic faith, we are very blessed!! Most of my research and participation is in the Spanish forums but I want to start visiting and participating here more often since I learned a lot two years ago. Well, for those of you who I once wrote to, thank you and for the new to come, HI! biggrin God Bless you all and may La Virgen de Guadalupe keep you!

Iliana Guadalupe
Posted By: Jakub. Re: HELLO AGAIN - 02/23/06 09:08 PM
Many years to you and your brother...glad to see you return to the forum also...

Posted By: Memo Rodriguez Re: HELLO AGAIN - 02/24/06 04:12 PM
Hola Iliana,

Bienvenida de nuevo.

I am glad you and you brother are doing well, growing in faith and serving Our Lord.

Many blessings!

Posted By: COATLAXOPEUH Re: HELLO AGAIN - 02/24/06 08:30 PM
Gracias. Thank you and I will be participating whenever I can. Have a great weekend and plenty of blessings. smile

Iliana Guadalupe
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