Posted By: John Doucette Christmas Poem - 12/14/07 03:17 PM
See amid the winters snow, born for us on earth below
See the tender lamb appears, promised from Eternal Years
Hail thou ever blessed morn
Hail redemptions happy dawn
Shout for all the world to hear
Christ is born in Bethlehem!

I hope that all of the good members of the Forum will derive blessings from this!

John Doucette
Posted By: soxfan59 Re: Christmas Poem - 12/14/07 03:25 PM
Very nice. Very moving. Very appropriate.

Thank you for sharing. Did you write this, or do you know where ti comes from?
Posted By: John Doucette Re: Christmas Poem - 12/14/07 05:18 PM
Slava Isusu Khrystu!

Thank you for your kind words regarding the poem. I am not the author. I can try to find out who is responsible for writing it. I have known of the poem for several years. I first heard on a Christmas special - Christmas in the Alps - of The Joy of Music Television series featuring the artistic viruosity of Miss Diane Bish, a famous organist who travels all of the world playing in various cathedrals, churches and monasteries.

She really is a virtuoso of the organ!


John Doucette
Posted By: Our Lady's slave Re: Christmas Poem - 12/14/07 07:36 PM
This is a very old Christmas Carol - and much loved over here
Posted By: John K Re: Christmas Poem - 12/14/07 08:23 PM
It was written by Edward Caswall (1841-1878), an Anglican priest of the Oxford Movement who eventually embraced Roman Catholicism. He was a contemporary of Newman. The hymn first appeared in a collection published in 1851 by Caswall.

Caswall was the son of Ro�bert Clarke Cas�wall, Vi�car of Yate�ley. He at�tend�ed Chig�well Gram�mar School, Marl�bo�rough School, and Brase�nose Coll�ege, Ox�ford, where he grad�u�at�ed with hon�ors. Be�fore leav�ing Ox�ford, he pub�lished, un�der the pseu�do�nym of Scrib�ler�us Red�i�vi�vus, �The Art of Pluck,� in imi�ta�tion of Aris�to�tle, a sa�tire on the ways of the care�less col�lege stu�dent.

In 1838, Caswall was or�dained as a dea�con, and 1839 as an An�gli�can priest. In 1840 he be�came per�pe�tu�al cur�ate at Strat�ford-sub-Cas�tle near Sal�is�bury. By 1847, though, he had switched to Ro�man Ca�thol�i�cism and went to the Or�a�tory of St. Phil�ip Ne�ri at Edg�bas�ton, where he did most of his hymn work. Cas�wall is best re�mem�bered as a trans�lat�or of an�cient hymns, though he al�so wrote orig�in�al ly�rics. His works in�clude:

Sermons on the Seen and the Un�seen, 1846
Lyra Ca�thol�i�ca, 1849
The Masque of Ma�ry, and Other Po�ems, 1858
The Ca�tho�lic�s La�tin In�struct�or in the Prin�ci�pal Church Of�fic�es and De�vo�tions

The tune it is most often sung to: Humility, was written by John Goss (1800-1880) who was organist at St. Paul's Cathedral in London from 1838 till his death.
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