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Fr. Michael Skrumeda, mentioned in the article, is a 4th generation Ukrainian-Canadian, is a priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada (www.uocc.ca [uocc.ca]) He has married children and thus his grandchildren will be 6th generation.
His family came to Canada in the 1890's and thus, have been in Canada for over 100 years. He is fluent in Ukrainian.

Winnipeg Free Press
Throng welcomes Yushchenko
Ukrainian president visits Winnipeg

By: Lindsey Wiebe
Updated: May 27, 2008 at 04:12 PM CDT

Throngs of Winnipeggers filled the Manitoba Legislative Building grounds this morning to catch a glimpse of Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko on his first stop of his day-long visit to the city.

Hundreds of school children and Ukrainian fans of Yushchenko gathered around the statue of poet Taras Shevchenko, many waving Ukrainian flags.
One woman carried a huge sign reading "Welcome to Canada, Dear President."
Other supporters filled the legislature steps, craning their necks to see the arriving motorcade.
"I just felt the need to see him and hear him," said Melody Calvo, whose grandfather came to Canada from Ukraine in the early 1920s.
Yushchenko chatted casually with premier Gary Doer as the pair made their way through the Legislature, security staff hovering nearby to keep supporters at bay.
Doer praised Yushchenko as an "international hero for democracy".
The Ukrainian president waded across the legislative grounds through a crowd of hundreds of giddy fans, many thrilled to have snapped a photo or, in some cases, exchanged a few words with Yushchenko.
Three hundred young school children introduced the president with the Ukrainian and Canadian national anthems, after which Yushchenko and Doer laid baskets of flowers at the monument to poet Taras Shevchenko, and Yushchenko offered a lengthy address in Ukrainian.
"It's pretty exciting," said Bernice Tkachyk, who said coming out to the president's arrival was a no-brainer.
"If he came all the way from there, I should be able to come from here to see him," said the 65-year-old.
Visitors included Ukrainian priest Father Michael Skrumeda.
"I've read a lot about him. I've seen him on TV," said the Orthodox priest, whose relatives came to Canada from Ukraine in the late 1800s.
"I feel a bit excited, because he represents the land from where my great grandparents come from," he said.
Yushchenko was elected in the fall of 2004 after the results of an initial election were voided amid widespread cries of fraud and electoral abuse. Nearly two weeks of popular protests around the country became known as the Orange Revolution.
Highlights of Yushchenko's visit include the signing of a memorandum of understanding to foster development of rural communities in both the Ukraine and Canada by building on previous partnerships and encouraging sharing of agricultural and rural development science. He will also be presented with an honourary doctorate of laws from the University of Winnipeg.
Yushchenko met with Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Ottawa Monday. He thanked Canada for its support over the years -- starting with quick recognition of the country's independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.
"Every Ukrainian will always remember that," Yushchenko said. He also thanked Canada for its impending recognition of the 1932-33 genocide, and for its historical role in welcoming Ukrainian immigrants.
"I'm filled with very tender feelings to your country and to this land. For me, as for millions of Ukrainians, this country and this land is sacred," Yushchenko said.
"It became a motherland for millions of Ukrainians for many generations of my native people who in different times came to seek for their destiny here in Canada.
"We are very grateful for the support that our country has always felt from Canada."
Harper expressed support for a private member's bill that would recognize the Ukrainian famine -- orchestrated by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin in the 1930s -- as an act of genocide. The prime minister made the pledge beside Yushchenko, who was granted the distinction of addressing a joint session of Canada's Senate and House of Commons.
--With files from Canadian Press and Geoff Kirbyson

VIDEO: Yushchenko in Winnipeg
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Chudovo! Wish I could have been there. Razom nas bahato...
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Well he is in Toronto today: breakfast at the "Old Mill" wth Ukrainian-Canadian supporters, lunch at a fancy hotel with Ukrainian-Canadians, a speech at the Ontario provincial legislature, short trip to the Royal Ontario Museum just up the street, where he will be greeted with bread & salt by reps from the Ukrainian Academy of Dance.
I hope I have it all. What a busy man. I didn't know until I read it in the paper that Canada has the largest Ukrainian diaspora with 1.2 million Ukrainian-Canadians.

By the way Fr. Michael Skrumeda was in the Ukrainian Orthodox Parish in Hamilton, Ontario for a few years, although he was born and bred in Manitoba as a 4th generation Ukrainian-Canadian.
His wife died of cancer a few years back, so he is a great candidate with all his pastoral experience both on the pariaries and in Ontario, to be elected a bishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada.
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KYK (ukrainian canadian Congress) has also issued a press release about president Yushchenko in Ottawa:
Ukrainian Canadian Congress
May 28, 2008

Ukrainian President Yushchenko appears before joint session of Parliament on first day of Canadian Visit

On May 26, 2008, President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko began his official three day State visit to Canada at the residence of the Governor-General, Rideau Hall. After being greeted to Canada by Her Excellency Micha�lle Jean, Mr. Yushchenko proceeded to plant a tree on the grounds of Rideau Hall in honour of his visit to Canada. Ukrainian Canadian Congress President Paul Grod was present at the official greeting ceremonies to welcome the President on behalf of the 1.2 million Canadians of Ukrainian descent.

Later the President had a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister of Canada, the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper. The two leaders discussed a range of bilateral and international issues, including the further development of political and commercial ties between the two nations along with Ukraine's future in NATO and Canada's firm support for her bid for a Membership Action Plan plus cooperation in the UN-mandated Mission in Afghanistan.

Prime Minister Harper added that Ukraine can expect Canada's full support as it continues its post-Communist evolution into a free and democratic nation.

Having been given a rare honour, the President spoke in front of a joint session of Parliament. While greeting Mr. Yushchenko to Parliament, Prime Minister Harper expressed support for a private member's bill which recognizes the 1932-33 famine in Ukraine as an act of genocide.

"In Canada we aren't afraid of history or of truth,'' Prime Minister Harper told Parliament.

Prime Minister Harper stated categorically that Canada will continue to support Ukraine's efforts for Euro-Atlantic integration and that the sovereignty of the Ukrainian State is undisputable.

During his well-received speech, President Yushchenko told both Houses of Parliament of the deep affection and respect that Ukrainians have for Canada, not only because of the support that the country has given to Ukraine in the past, but because of the strong 1.2 million Ukrainian Canadian community which acts as a bond between the two nations.

The President encouraged Canadians to become more active economically in Ukraine, especially in the strategic and growing energy sector.

President Yushchenko then participated in National Holodomor Commemoration International Torch ceremony on Parliament Hill. This was the culmination of a month-long relay which saw the torch visit cities throughout Canada, raising awareness of the Holodomor Genocide. Present at the event was Holodomor survivor Stepan Horlatsch who has been the carrier of the torch throughout its Canadian sojourn. The torch will visit over 30 countries before ending its journey in Kyiv in November 2009. Secretary of State (Multiculturalism and Canadian Identity) Hon. Jason Kennedy spoke at the event. He announced that the Government of Canada has made a decision that afternoon to recognize the Holodomor as a genocide against the Ukrainian people and that the private members bill now in front of the House of Commons which recognizes that Holodomor as a genocide will be passed in the immediate future.

The President's first day in Canada ended with an official state dinner hosted by the Governor General.

Commenting on the day's activities, UCC President Paul Grod noted that the scope of the President's visit and the warmth with which he was greeted at every stop is an indication of the depth of the relationship between the two countries. "We need to act on that strength so that Canada's relationship with Ukraine evolves into one characterized by strong economic, social, cultural and security ties. Ukraine and Canada have much to offer each other.

"After much hard work on the part of the community to educate Canadians about the true nature of the Holodomor in Ukraine 1932-33, it was gratifying to hear Secretary of State Kenney announce that Canada will move to recognize the Holodomor as Genocide. That is a fitting conclusion to an historic day." concluded Mr. Grod.

UCC has been cooperating with the both the Embassy of Ukraine and the Government of Canada in ensuring that the State Visit of Victor Yushchenko to Canada is a success.

I agree with Miller about Fr. Michael Skrumeda being a good candidate for bishop. Will he be nominated at the Extra-Ordinary Sobor this August????????

E-Poshta also provided links on the web to see parts of Yushchenko's trip tp Canada:

TV and photo coverage of President Yushchenko's visit to Ottawa & Winnipeg ^
President�s visit to Ottawa and Winnipeg onthe UCC site http://ucc.ca/yushchenko/"http://ucc.ca/yushchenko/

Prime minster of Canada�s site

Governor General of Canada�s site http://www.gg.ca/media/pho/index_e.asp?GalleryID=485&Sequence=1

As well, the site of the President of Ukraine http://www.president.gov.ua/gallery/1063.html#15028


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RISU has an article about the visit to Winnipeg too:

Ukrainian President Visits Ukrainian Diaspora in Winnipeg

02.06.2008, [11:48] // Foreign relations //

Winnipeg�On 27 May 2008, Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko met with representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora in Winnipeg, which totals about 750 thousand people. 260 thousand of them are active parishioners of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church � Constantinople Patriarchate, according to orthodoxy.org.ua.
Yushchenko met with local Ukrainian intelligentsia, patriotic youth, public figures within the Diaspora, and the Church leadership of Winnipeg, which is also home to the head of the UOC in Canada, Metropolitan John (Stinka).

The meeting was held right next to Manitoba�s Parliament in front of the Taras Shevchenko monument. Ukraine�s Ambassador to Canada Ihor Ostash stressed that the Orthodox Church is important for the Ukrainian Diaspora and expressed his deep respect for the late Metropolitan Ilarion (Ohiienko), a famous Ukrainian Church figure and scholar.

Last year, the Ukrainian Orthodox community of Canada celebrated its 125th anniversary and 35th anniversary of the passing of Bishop Ilarion.

Don't know where they got those statistics. The Ukainian diaspora in Canada is 1.2 million.

Darn, missed my chance to see him...
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Well, you can still watch the video of his visit to Winnipeg on the internet here:
VIDEO: Yushchenko in Winnipeg

I see from other discussions that Winnipeg seems to have given him the best organised and warmest welcome.
I heard at church that Yushchenko is also a bee keeper and he got a chance to visit someone's hives or consult with a fellow bee keeper in Manitoba.
One of my sons saw him coming out of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.
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