Ukrainian World Congress Disturbed by Act of Vandalism in Kharkiv
01.07.2008, [13:36] // UGCC //

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC), learning about the act of vandalism which was performed on June 23, 2008, at about 8.00 (a report on this is available at www.ugcc.org.ua/eng/news/article;7172/ ), expressed its great disturbance.

"The UWC is deeply disturbed by the event of the destruction of a memorial tablet which was placed at the initiative of the Ukrainian World Congress in August 2005, to recall the time spent in prison by Patriarch Josyf (Slipyj)." So reads a letter from the president of the UWC, Askold Lozynskyi, which we received on June 25.

According to the text of the document, the UWC has appealed to the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the national and local levels to do everything possible to call to responsibility those persons who inspired and accomplished this crime. "We consider this event not an ´┐Żordinary´┐Ż act of vandalism but foremost a tendentious attempt to sow enmity against the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church and the Ukrainian diaspora," reads the letter.

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Press conference discussing the act of vandalism:


New commemorative plate to be installed in August:



Here is the official "Interfax" Russian version of the incident:
25 June 2008, 16:30
Kharkov pensioners break a memorial desk to the SS spiritual guide

Moscow, June 25, Interfax - A memorial granite desk to the "patriarch" of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) Joseph Slipyj was broken in the center of Kharkov (sic).

According to witnesses, a group of "exalted elderly" people performed the act of vandalism, the website of the Komsomolskaya Pravda Ukrainian version has reported on Wednesday.

One of the witnesses reported the accident to the police. Criminals haven't been detained yet.

The memorial desk was at the house where the "patriarch" used to stay. Earlier that building housed a transit prison.

Slipyj was a spiritual guide of the SS-Galichina division and the Nachtigal SS Galician battalion. He was arrested in 1945 and convicted to penal servitude in Siberia. Later he was convicted twice and contained in prisons of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Novosibirsk Region, and Kamchatka. He was released thanks to Vatican's interference and settled in Rome.

Slipyj died on September 7, 1984 in Rome where he was first buried. His remains were transferred to Lvov (sic) and buried in a crypt of St. Yura Cathedral in 1992 in compliance with his will. The process of Metropolitan Joseph's beatification is launched as the Catholic Church seeks to canonize him as one of its saints.


There does appear to be anti-religious vandalism going on in Eastern Ukraine:
01 July 2008, 14:51
Attack on Ukrainian monastery

Kiev, July 1, Interfax - Two young men attacked the Pustynno-Rychlovsky St. Nicholas Monastery in the Chernigov (sic) region of Ukraine.

The accident occurred in the afternoon after the Sunday service. According to the Ukrainian Vecherniye Vesty, the abusers rushed in one of the monastery's buildings shouting, "Get out of here! You have nothing to do here! We are the owners!"

The attackers beat three novices who they found inside of the local St. Nicolas Church.

They scattered old books, damaged the priests' vestments, and crashed the Holy Gate. The monastery has suffered significant damage. Only art experts can define the actual figure of loss by counting the lost books and icons.

One vandal was apprehended by monks, and the other - by police. The attackers explain their assault by the fact that the monastery took the premises of the former club for young people.

St. Nicholas Monastery was founded by the order of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Synod in 2006.
Interesting. Do you think the local population was goaded into this by the propaganda?
Halia, Yes in fact that is what happened. As you can see from Orest's post from Interfax (the former Soviet News Agency turned Russian Federation News Agency). Unfortunately, there are still older, relatively less well educated people who believe in comrade Stalin's lies.

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