Posted By: Terry Bohannon A question about Godparents - 10/25/09 03:04 PM
If a family has multiple children, is it expected that all children have the same Godparents?

There has been a conversion in the family, so there is now one more Catholic household.

(I am not making an announcement.)

Posted By: DAVIDinVA Re: A question about Godparents - 10/25/09 03:50 PM
It's not required. I know one couple who had the same friends serve as godparents to all three of thier children. The mother had a bad experience growing up; her godparents drifted away and simply weren't a part of her life, her sister's godparents lived down the street and were very close to her sister. She din't want the same thing to happen to her children.
Posted By: theophan Re: A question about Godparents - 10/25/09 10:14 PM

Christ is in our midst!! He is and always will be!!

I've never heard of a family with multiple children having the same godparents for all the children. In my family, my siblings all have their own and I had my own. Ditto for the godchildren I have--I am godfather to four people in four different families and each one has siblings with different godparents.

Posted By: aramis Re: A question about Godparents - 10/25/09 11:23 PM
My eldest's godmother was dead by the time my youngest was born... Her godfather passed away just a few months ago. (He'd moved out of state; I only found out by virtue of my eldest being in their wills, so the probate notice arrived.)

Now, I have known several families where the godparents were the same for all the children, but those were RC.
Posted By: Pani Rose Re: A question about Godparents - 10/26/09 01:14 AM
Two of our children had the same Godparents, both are deceased now frown I miss them so much. The youngest's ones are a priest and dear friend, who is now in her seventies. frown Time flies, but what a blessing great Godparents are in life. Truly a gift from God!
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