Posted By: Tammy I'm back!!! - 11/06/09 09:43 PM
I used to come on the Byzantine Forum a lot, but after a job change 3 years ago and a lot going on in my life - including trying to run my Chaplets & Chotkis business - my visits here faded away... In the meantime, I gave birth to my fourth son, who is now 18 months old and manages to tie up a lot of my time.

But I'm back! I'm closing Chaplets & Chotkis, which will free up a lot of my time (everything is currently half off on my website www.chotkis.com [chotkis.com], until it's all gone). So I should be able to spend more time visiting with you all!

By the way, if anyone knows of an Eastern Catholic or Orthodox bookstore that might be interested in getting what's left of my chotkis prayer beads, please let them know I'm going out of business and looking for a buyer to take everything in one batch. I'll give any parish or bookstore a drastically reduced price just to get the whole batch off my hands. Thanks! That would really free me up to spend more time here, and with my family at home!

Happy to be back!

In Christ,
Posted By: Irish Melkite Re: I'm back!!! - 11/07/09 06:37 AM

Welcome back! So nice to see you. Hope all is well with you and your family.

Many years,

Posted By: Tammy Re: I'm back!!! - 11/09/09 05:24 PM
Thanks, Neil! My husband and I were thrilled to see you are a moderator now smile

The family is great... and has grown since I was here last. We have an 18 month old son now in addition to our other 3 children - all boys! My boss says we have a men's bowling team, lol. They are 14, 12, and 9 years old, and all looking forward to Christmas.

We feel a little lost though, living in Bakersfield with no Eastern Rite parishes around. frown

Many years,
Posted By: DTBrown Re: I'm back!!! - 11/16/09 11:39 PM
Hi Tammy! I missed your post here! Welcome back to the board. Good to hear news of the boys and your "bowling team"! Please give my best to Mike too!
Posted By: Tammy Re: I'm back!!! - 12/01/09 04:46 PM
Our bowling team is doing quite well - although the youngest is keeping the coaches up at night as we try to teach him NOT to bowl during the night! His latest endeavor has involved bowling small items into the fish tank. laugh

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to sell off my business. I've even got the domain name, chotkis.com, up for sale. I'm hoping an Eastern Catholic or Orthodox person will buy it to use as an educational site, rather than a Latin Rite rosary maker who just wants to capitalize on my SEO rankings. shocked
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