Posted By: Alice OH DEAR! - 11/14/09 12:57 AM
I just heard a story about a visiting priest from Greece who was in the Tampa area for some type of convention or something, and was walking and asked for directions from someone. Apparently that someone thought he was 'a terrorist' Muslim and proceeded to beat him up and called the police saying how he caught 'a terrorist'. How ignorant!
Posted By: Etnick Re: OH DEAR! - 11/14/09 01:03 AM
Hospodi Pomiluj! Prayers for the priest.
Posted By: DAVIDinVA Re: OH DEAR! - 11/14/09 01:56 AM
Is this the incident your thinking of?
Posted By: Alice Re: OH DEAR! - 11/14/09 02:04 AM
Originally Posted by DAVIDinVA

Well, I guess it is. I got it second hand...

What a disturbed person with much anger. Even if the Greek priest was instead a Muslim cleric, would he deserve to be hit with a metal bar?!? Lord have mercy!!!!
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