Posted By: Bernardo Back home - 11/10/11 08:24 PM
Dear brothers and sisters

After a very very long time absent from the Forum due to great difficulties both in my personal and professional life (and also because of the sad situation we have in Mexico), but thanks to God, I am back and also trying to be again a regular in the forum.

Many things have changed as I have seen in the last weeks that I have been reading the forum, but it is great to see most of the old timers here.

As some may know, in Mexico our Melkite Church is undergoing very tough times, we have been without a priest for more than 10 months so you all may imagine. Anyway we are praying to Our Lord to provide us with a Priest and that our Cathedral goes back to full life again, please pray for us also.

God Bless

Posted By: Alice Re: Back home - 11/10/11 08:45 PM
Dear Bernardo,

Welcome back to the forum! I pray that things are better in your life...

My prayers for your congregation to find a priest. Be strong, and keep the faith.

In Christ,

Posted By: Irish Melkite Re: Back home - 11/11/11 05:55 AM

So very good to see you back, my dear friend and brother.

I'm sad to hear of the situation regarding our Church in Mexico. It was my impression that Father Exarch Gabriel (Ghanoum) was traveling to Mexico regularly to serve the Divine Liturgy. Is that no longer the case?

Many years,

Posted By: Bernardo Re: Back home - 11/16/11 12:01 AM
Dear Neil

Thank you for your kind words. I am really happy for being back.

Neil, as for what you say, Father Gabriel (Ghanoum) travels to Mexico regularly, specially for baptisms and Chrismations on several Saturdays; however for the Sunday Divine Liturgy he has not been able to be here often inasmuch as he also has a larger Parish in the US, not sure if it is still St. Jude in Miami, or other Parish.

Anyway, we pray to Our Lord to help us during this difficult moment and are really optimistic that this is a test to strengthen us.

God bless

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