Posted By: Tammy God was looking out for me! - 02/19/13 06:46 PM
My husband and I took our family out for lunch on Saturday. When we got home, I rushed into the house ahead of everybody else because I needed to use the restroom. When my family came in a minute or two later, they discovered that we had been burglarized!

Now, I say God was looking out for me. Why? Because we have reason to suspect that they saw me coming up the walkway, and they ran out a side door. Think about how much damage they could have done to me if they had chosen to stay and attack me as I came in the door! Thank God I am safe!

Also, one of the things they took was a little suitcase that I used to keep my loose beads and my completed chotkis, chaplets, rosaries, etc. in. They took the suitcase, but they dumped out its contents in our living room - so I didn't lose my chotkis or the beads to make more of them with! Thank God!

Now of course they also took things that we DO mind having lost, but at least I still have my Chaplets & Chotkis inventory!

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Posted By: Alice Re: God was looking out for me! - 02/19/13 08:14 PM
Dear Tammy,

Thank God that you and your family are okay. Glory to His name!

I am so sorry for this frightening violation of your home. Might I suggest that you bless it with holy water?

I hope that the thieves did not take too many things and that they get caught. Make sure that you call the police and that you reinforce the security of wherever their access was.

With love in Christ,
Posted By: Thomas the Seeker Re: God was looking out for me! - 02/19/13 08:19 PM
A burglary is a violation of intimate personal space. It can take days or weeks to regain a sense of ease and comfort in what had previously been the most familiar of surroundings.

The suggestion for a house blessing is excellent.

To which I would add: consider investing in an alarm system, but not the three letter one which advertises heavily on TV.
Posted By: Tammy Re: God was looking out for me! - 02/19/13 09:04 PM
At the police officer's suggestion, we installed all new locks. I assumed the landlord had done that before renting the place to us, but since there were no signs of forced entry and all the doors had been locked when we left the house, we are figuring somebody had a key - probably the previous tenants and/or whoever used to feed their cat when they were out of town.

Tammy Kelly
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Posted By: Tammy Re: God was looking out for me! - 02/19/13 09:06 PM
As for an alarm system, the ones we have checked with require home ownership. If you can recommend to me a security company that does not have that requirement, I would appreciate it!

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