Posted By: Edward Yong Constantinople EC Churches - 02/20/18 11:43 PM
Hi! Does anyone here have service details of the Eastern-Catholic parishes/churches in Constantinople?

I recall at least two:

1) Holy Trinity Greek-Catholic, which was used by the Chaldaeans as of a decade or so ago.
2) Armenian Catholic churches?

An RC friend is visiting and he is interested in the East, and would like to attend mass there.

Posted By: JLF Re: Constantinople EC Churches - 02/25/18 12:28 AM
Edward, sorry, but even after having been to Constantinople more than 25 times, I don't know of any functioning. There was one Greek Catholic parish that Father +Serge Keleher tried to support about 20 years ago, near the old British embassy. But I doubt it's open. I usually go to the Patriarchate for their services and don't receive communion. Or when I've been there with a group, I bring my own clergy and we do our own!

Posted By: JLF Re: Constantinople EC Churches - 02/25/18 12:31 AM
PS. The RC Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, across from the Hilton Hotel near Taksim Square, has Mass in multiple languages on Sundays, I believe including one in English. That's where Pope Francis celebrated Mass on his visit a few years ago, and it's where Patriarch Emeritus Gregorios of the Melkites celebrated the Divine Liturgy during the second Orientale Lumen Conference we had there about 10 years ago. Jack
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