Posted By: theophan Transitioning a child - 10/26/19 12:21 AM
There was a story online and on our evening news about a couple in Texas fighting over the custody of their son. Nothing extraordinary here, except that the mother, a medical doctor, wants to "transition" her son to be girl. The father is contesting her intention to have the boy undergo chemical castration in order that he not undergo puberty in his biological sex.

I can't imagine how horrible this is. I don't blame the father for fighting as hard as he can to get joint custody and joint decision making in the boy's medical care.

Posted By: Edward H Re: Transitioning a child - 10/26/19 02:22 PM
What's even worse is that this deluded woman is a pediatrician. How many more children will she mess up if allowed to pursue her evil agenda?

Posted By: theophan Re: Transitioning a child - 10/26/19 03:09 PM
Christ is in our midst!!

I hope that the story I just received as a follow-up is not true. However, the article says that a jury backed the mother's right to proceed with her transitioning of the boy and took away the father's joint custody rights as well as joint rights to make medical decisions.

The article says that transitioning can make a body susceptible to type 2 diabetes, blood clots, and a host of other life altering medical problems.

Please pray for that little boy.

Bob shocked
Posted By: Fr. Deacon Thomas Re: Transitioning a child - 10/26/19 07:28 PM
The mother and "doctor" are practicing child abuse.

Pure and simple.

Pray for their repentance.
Posted By: orthodoxsinner2 Re: Transitioning a child - 12/17/19 03:24 PM
I have seen several articles regarding this from various points of view. And of course the pov of the author generally determines the dramatization of the events. I don't want to pretend that I have the right answer regarding this complex medical issue. However, the articles that do not share the father's side I think bring up some good questions.

They present that this is the child's self identity not a matter of what the mother wants. The child identifies or claims or knows that they are "x". The mom accepts this. The father on the other hand is presented as being negatively reactive. The child chooses an "identity" that is reflective of what they feel they are or what God has created them to be yet the father refuses to honor that and continues on insisting that the child must maintain the identity that he has given them. That seems like it could be construed as a form of psychological abuse too.

While this seems to be an issue regarding gender it makes me think of all the horrors that have been experienced by gay children whose families tossed them into the street instead of loving and accepting them and praying for them and leaving it in God's hands.

I think the child's age is what throws most people for a loop. But if this was a matter of sexuality instead of gender I wouldn't be because I for one knew I was hetero when I was that age. Maybe I didn't know what sex was but I knew I "liked" the opposite sex. That was fixed then and hasn't changed. So maybe it works that way for this child as well. Maybe they do know themselves best.

I am not trying to take sides in the matter though I do think regardless of all the actors the courts should protect the best interests of the child.

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