Posted By: theophan Happy New Year - 12/31/19 02:38 PM
Christ is Born!!

Wishing all my brothers and sisters on the board a Happy New Year with good health and spiritual growth.

Posted By: Administrator Re: Happy New Year - 12/31/19 02:53 PM
Happy New Year, Bob! Thanks for your participation here.

Prayers and best wishes to all Forum readers and participants for a wonderful, salvific New Year!
Posted By: Fr. Deacon Thomas Re: Happy New Year - 12/31/19 05:11 PM
Heilige Ny Jaar

is what we say (or should say in the Pennsylwania Dutch country.

It means "Holy New Year" and while some will start the roaring 20's a little too happy everyone should pray that the new year and new decade would be holy, peaceful and without shame.
Posted By: Utroque Re: Happy New Year - 12/31/19 11:23 PM
May our threads be merry and bright; and may all our posts be polite! Happy & Blessed New Year to all! smile
Posted By: Krysostomos Re: Happy New Year - 01/01/20 04:59 PM
Happy New Year AD 2020! brothers and sisters in Christ. Hyvää Uutta Herran Vuotta 2020 veljet ja sisaret Kristuksessa.
Posted By: Deacon El Re: Happy New Year - 01/04/20 01:55 PM
Boldog új évet!
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