New Documentary Series Brings Worldwide Attention to Untold Story

Chaldean Christians worship in IraqIrondale, AL (EWTN) – EWTN Global Catholic Network will focus worldwide attention on Christian persecution in Iraq with a series of three documentaries by Italian filmmaker Elisabetta Valgiusti. At great personal risk, this single woman traveled into Iraq – alone – to talk to Christians and find out about their daily lives.

“The Western media has focused much attention on the tragedy in Darfur and the difficulties of the Tibetan monks,” said EWTN President Michael P. Warsaw. “But few, if any, media outlets have given much attention to the plight of Christians in Iraq – until now. That’s why these original documentaries are so important to EWTN.”

Valgiusti went into Iraq armed with little more than personal courage born of her faith. “I went there and I didn’t know anybody and it was so risky and so dangerous,” she said. “It’s something which really makes you think [about] life. … [T]he Lord showed me and I just followed.”

Valgiusti, who is known for filming the dramatic destruction of Orthodox monasteries in Kosovo in March 2004, now wondered:

• What is it like to live in Iraq if you are a Christian?
• Are Christians able to practice their faith?
• What dangers do they face?
• Why do some Iraqi Christians stay in their country while others flee?
• How can the Western world help?

Air Times for Documentaries

Christians of Nineveh
Airs June 4 at 3AM and 6:30PM Eastern. (30 minutes)

Iraq's Christians
Airs July 9 at 10PM and July 12 at 5AM Eastern. (60min)

These are just a few of the questions that are answered in a series of three documentaries, to be televised this summer and fall on EWTN.

For more information a Word document may be viewed at this link. Same story at here.

Photo courtesy of EWTN Global Catholic Network/Elisabetta Valgiusti.

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