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Photo: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople embraces newly enthroned Pope Francis after his inaugural Mass in Rome on March 19, 2013.

Title Created Date
Assembly of the Catholic Hierarchs in Syria: Closing Statement of November Meeting 2015-11-24
His Beatitude Patriarch Gregorios III (Laham) on Lebanese Independence Day 2015-11-22
Patriarch Gregorios III on the Paris Attacks of 13 November 2015 2015-11-15
Attack on Beirut’s Southern Suburbs 2015-11-15
EWTN to Provide Live Broadcast of the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy to be celebrated by His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk 2015-11-13
The smallest church in Frankfurt 2015-11-12
“The Church is close to people” - Interview with Gregorios III Laham 2015-11-12
Exodus: Syrian Patriarch criticizes German asylum policy 2015-11-11
As Islamic State advances, Christians gather to defend town 2015-11-11
Orthodox prelate praises Russia's 'peacemaker' role in Syria 2015-11-10
37 kidnapped Christians released in Syria 2015-11-10
Maronite bishops decry proposed division of Syria 2015-11-10
Ecumenical Patriarch: ‘Creation care and ecological justice’ 2015-11-09
Islamic State threatens key Syrian Christian center; thousands flee 2015-11-06
Russian patriarch: don’t forget positive achievements of Lenin, Stalin eras 2015-11-05
Historic Shenandoah Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Being Renovated 2015-11-04
Orthodox, Anglican leaders pray for refugees, environment 2015-11-04
Patriarch Kirill of Moscow laments Halloween parties during national mourning 2015-11-04
Macedonian president meets with Pope 2015-11-02
Patriarch Kirill of Moscow criticizes US secularization, same-sex marriage 2015-10-30
Kidnapped Syrian priest speaks about captivity under the Islamic State 2015-10-29
Turkey: Christian leaders publish ‘Basic Principles of Christianity’ for Muslim readers 2015-10-28
Syrian church hit by mortar shell; several injuries 2015-10-27
Papal message to Ecumenical Patriarch 2015-10-27
Biden receives Greek Orthodox human rights award 2015-10-23
Jerusalem patriarchate to hold special prayers for peace in all parishes 2015-10-23
Metropolitan Hilarion meets with Pope Francis 2015-10-22
Appeal from Patriarch Gregorios III for Peace in Syria, Iraq, Palestine and the Whole Middle East 2015-10-24
In fiery speech, Russian Orthodox representative urges Synod to battle secular ideology 2015-10-21
Orthodox churches approve two documents, disagree on one at preconciliar meeting 2015-10-20
Israeli security wall disfigures Jerusalem, Patriarch says 2015-10-19
Islamic State releases 50 Christian hostages in Syria 2015-10-16
Orthodox, Protestant delegates address Synod 2015-10-16
Palestinian protestors set fire to Joseph’s tomb 2015-10-20
Egypt: church dedicated to slain Coptic Christians 2015-10-16
New report highlights persecution of Christians in 22 nations 2015-10-16
Dangerous to see Russian involvement in Syria as 'holy war,' archbishop says 2015-10-14
Syrian prelate says US involvement harms, Russian strikes help against Islamic State 2015-10-09
Pope appeals for peace in Middle East 2015-10-09
Syrian prelate welcomes Russian airstrikes 2015-10-09
Latin Patriarchate pleads for calm in Jerusalem 2015-10-09
Syrian Catholic Patriarch Patriarch Ignace Youssif III rips Western indifference 2015-10-08
Jerusalem patriarchate urges new Israeli-Palestinian talks as new violence flares 2015-10-07
Syrian Patriarch Ignatius Joseph III decries US policy toward Syria 2015-10-07
Russian Orthodox Church: Oregon shootings manifest anti-Christian hatred 2015-10-07
Patriarch Sviatoslav calls for greater Vatican efforts on behalf of Ukraine 2015-10-06
Syrian archbishop rips US support for Islamic rebels 2015-10-02
Patriarch Kirill of Moscow backs nation’s military intervention in Syria 2015-10-01
Patriarch Kirill of Moscow meets with Abbas 2015-09-29
Patriarch Kirill of Moscow: sanctions against Russia promote self-sufficiency 2015-09-23

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