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Photo: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople embraces newly enthroned Pope Francis after his inaugural Mass in Rome on March 19, 2013.

Title Created Date
Orthodox-Lutheran commemoration of Reformation planned for 2017 2015-05-21
China allows 1st ordinations of Russian Orthodox priests in 60 years 2015-05-20
Coptic Catholic Church opposes death penalty for Morsi 2015-05-19
Aleppo’s Christians are losing hope, says bishop 2015-05-19
European bishops’ conferences pledge to deepen dialogue with Islam 2015-05-19
Patriarch welcomes agreement between Holy See, Palestinian leaders 2015-05-19
Ukrainian Orthodox leader pleads for end to Ukraine-Russia clashes 2015-05-19
Pope Francis canonizes 4 saints, including two Palestinians 2015-05-18
Palestinian president meets with Pope 2015-05-18
Francis receives the president of Romania on the 25th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations with the Holy See 2015-05-15
Canonisation of Marie-Alphonsine Danil Ghattas and Maryam Baouardy: a sign of hope for the men and women of the Middle East 2015-05-15
Vatican recognizes Palestinian state 2015-05-13
'Catastrophe' at hand for Iraqi Christians, nun tells Congress 2015-05-13
Chaldean patriarch: Kurdish constitution should mention Christians 2015-05-06
Patriarch Gregorios III: Jihadists seek to break friendly ties between Syria's Christians and Muslims 2015-05-08
Coptic patriarch: 3rd Sunday of April could be common day for Easter celebration 2015-05-06
Russian Orthodox patriarch praises Pope, criticizes Ukrainian Catholics 2015-05-05
Russian prelate: 'intrigues' complicate plans for All-Orthodox Council 2015-05-01
Patriarchate: pan-Orthodox synod will not express solidarity with ‘sexual minorities’ 2015-05-01
Chaldean patriarch reflects on Armenian genocide, Islamic State 2015-05-01
Coptic Orthodox leader denounces court decision on divorce 2015-04-30
Armenian church seeks return of historic headquarters 2015-04-30
International community’s indifference to Mideast Christians is reminiscent of Pilate, says prelate 2015-04-30
Turkey invites Vatican to exposition: conciliatory gesture after diplomatic row 2015-04-29
Christians used as scapegoats as Sunnis, Shi'ite struggle for power, Iraqi prelate says 2015-04-29
Syrian archbishop says government could defeat Islamic State if foreign nations cut support 2015-04-29
UAOC officially declares its readiness to real association to establish the unified national church in Ukraine 2015-04-27
Coptic teacher, students arrested for ‘contempt of religion’ in Egypt 2015-04-27
Nations may fear 'legal consequences' of recognizing Armenian genocide, says Maronite Patriarch Bechara Rai 2015-04-25
Patriarch Gregorios III: Appeal for human dignity 2015-04-23
Armenian Apostolic Church: canonization of 1.5 million genocide victims 2015-04-23
2015 Paschal Message of His Beatitude Sviatoslav 2015-04-22
Orthodox believers are leaving Moscow Patriarchate for UGCC in Estonia 2015-04-22
Turkey will commemorate Armenian deaths-- but not genocide 2015-04-22
Turkey must acknowledge Armenian genocide, says Maronite Patriarch 2015-04-22
Al Azhar University denounces 'heinous' killing of 28 Ethiopians 2015-04-21
28 Ethiopians reportedly killed in new Islamic State massacre 2015-04-20
Syrian Christians hold out hope for kidnapped bishops, priest 2015-04-20
Immigrants clash on refugee ship; Muslims throw Christians overboard 2015-04-17
Armenian genocide memorials muted in Turkey 2015-04-16
Historic cathedral returned to Russian Orthodox Church 2015-04-16
Turkey's leaders lash out at Pope for recognizing Armenian genocide 2015-04-15
Bishop: Turkish Christians ‘embarrassed’ by Pope’s remarks on Armenian genocide 2015-04-15
Russian Orthodox Patriarch supports creation of Palestinian state 2015-04-14
Patriarch Gregorios III issues Appeal for Aleppo 2015-04-15
Paschal Message of Three Syrian Patriarchs 2015-04-14
In Easter message, Moscow patriarch recalls victory over Germany 2015-04-14
Christian neighborhood shelled in Aleppo 2015-04-14
USCCB committee chair supports framework for dealing with Iran 2015-04-14
Iraqi premier meets Chaldean Patriarch, urges Christians to stay 2015-04-13


You ascended in glory, O Christ our God, * granting joy to Your disciples by the promise of the Holy Spirit; * through this blessing they were assured * that You are the Son of God * the Redeemer of the world! (Troparion - Tone 4)

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and to the ages of ages. Amen.

When You fulfilled the divine plan of salvation for us * and united earth to heaven, * O Christ our God, You ascended in glory, * never leaving us but remaining ever-present. * Crying out to those who love You: “I am with you and no one can be against you.” (Kontakion - Tone 6)

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St. Nicon "Repent Ye"