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Photo: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople embraces newly enthroned Pope Francis after his inaugural Mass in Rome on March 19, 2013.

Title Created Date
Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarchate - Relief Committee – Proposed projects and funding requirements 2014-12-19
Light a Candle for Hope and Peace in Syria 2014-12-19
Egypt: Islamic leader decries threats against Christians 2014-12-19
Mideast Christians are genocide victims, says leading Russian Orthodox official 2014-12-19
Letter of His Beatitude Gregorios III Patriarch Antioch and All the East Of Alexandria and of Jerusalem For the Feast of the Nativity - 25 December 2014 2014-12-19
Church Fire in Roswell: Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church fire Possibly Caused by Arson 2014-12-15
Chaldean Patriarch asks pre-Christmas fast for Iraqi Christian refugees 2014-12-15
Papal encouragement for Syriac Church, serving endangered Christians in Iraq and Syria 2014-12-12
Maronite priest: Western bombing of Islamic State could worsen situation 2014-12-12
Ukrainian, Australian leaders pray at cathedral 2014-12-12
Leading Orthodox theologian hopes for 'quick progress' toward full Christian unity 2014-12-09
Syriac Catholic Patriarch Joseph III raps Western indifference toward displaced Iraqi Christians 2014-12-05
Patriarch Kirill calls for warmer US-Russian relation 2014-12-04
Biden meets with Ukrainian Catholic leader 2014-12-04
Russian Orthodox spokesman comments on Pope’s wish for meeting with patriarch 2014-12-03
The Head of the UGCC: "The Word of God tells us today that evil is defeated" 2014-12-02
Problems for Iraq’s Christian refugees are ‘totally overwhelming,’ says nun 2014-12-02
Pope Francis will visit Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy in Philadelphia 2014-11-30
Visit of Pope Francis to Ecumenical Patriarchate will be broadcast LIVE on EWTN, Nov. 29 and 30 2014-11-27
Patriarch Kirill: Europe’s secularism has reached ‘apocalyptic’ proportions 2014-11-21
Ukraine’s bishops renew plea for peace 2014-11-21
Pope meets with Egypt’s president 2014-11-21
Pope Francis will visit Ecumenical Patriarchate and meet with His-All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew 2014-11-21
Bishops of the UGCC and RCC in Ukraine addressed the faithful with three appeals 2014-11-20
In tense Jerusalem, Christians hold public prayers for peace 2014-11-20
Iraqi prelate raps Muslim silence on atrocities of Islamic State 2014-11-20
Iraq invites Pope to visit, Chaldean prelate discloses 2014-11-18
Stand with Ukraine, nation’s leading prelate urges 2014-11-19
Jerusalem: Patriarch denounces attack on synagogue 2014-11-18
Prelate warns that Syria could turn into another Libya 2014-11-18
Pope Francis restores right of Eastern Catholics to ordain married men worldwide 2014-11-16
Russian patriarch: ignore Western consumerist pressure 2014-11-14
Russian Orthodox prelate calls for independent Orthodox banks 2014-11-13
Russian Orthodox official: West is indifferent to plight of Syrian, Iraqi Christians 2014-11-13
Iran’s Christian population soars; Bible translated into Farsi 2014-11-13
Egypt's tourism office promotes Christian pilgrimages to sites of Holy Family's flight 2014-11-12
Coptic patriarch renews call for common Easter date 2014-11-11
Jerusalem’s Christian leaders deplore renewed violence 2014-11-07
US and Canada Ukrainian Greek Catholic bishops held meeting in Parma 2014-11-06
Russian patriarch calls on Pakistani leader to pardon Asia Bibi 2014-11-06
Coptic leader: Western policies have fostered rise of Islamic extremism 2014-11-06
Catholic priests, religious must leave Crimea by year's end 2014-11-04
Russian Orthodox Patriarch calls for national unity against economic sanctions 2014-11-05
Ukrainian Greek Catholics in Ohio getting new bishop 2014-11-04
Lebanon’s Christian presidency in peril, warns cardinal 2014-11-04
Iraqi leader vows to assist nation’s Christians 2014-11-03
Eparchy of Saint Josaphat to Websteam Ordination Services for the Ordination and Enthronment of His Grace, Bishop BOHDAN (Danylo) 2014-11-02
Israeli university honors Pontiff; Palestinian protest 2014-10-28
Syrian bishops ask world leader: stop sending weapons 2014-10-30
Patriarch of Constantinople anticipates papal visit as milestone in ecumenical ties 2014-10-31

Hoy Fathers

Great are the accomplishmets of faith: * three holy youths rejoiced in the source of the flame * as though on the waters of refreshment; * and the Prophet Daniel appeared to be a shepherd of the lions, as of sheep. * Through their prayers, O Christ God, save our souls. (Troparion, Tone 2)

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and to the ages of ages. Amen.

You did not honor a hand-depicted image, O thrice-blessed ones, * but, defended by the undepicted Being, you were glorified in a trial by fire. * And, standing in the midst of unbearable flame, you called upon God: * “Hasten, O Compassionate One, and speed to our help, * for You are merciful and You can do whatever you will.” (Kontakion, Tone 6)

Wisdom from the Church Fathers

Christ is Risen! 
O the marvel! the forbearance! the immeasurable meekness! 
The Untouched is felt; the Master is held by a servant, 
And He reveals His wounds to one of His inner circle. 
Seeing these wounds, the whole Creation was shaken at the time. 
Thomas, when he was considered worthy of such gifts, 
Lifted up a prayer to the One Who deemed him worthy, 
Saying, "Bear my rashness with patience, 
Have pity on my unworthiness and lighten the burden 
Of my lack of faith, so that I may sing and cry, 
`Thou art our Lord and God.'" 

Kontakia of Romanos, V. 1, On Doubting Thomas