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Photo: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople embraces newly enthroned Pope Francis after his inaugural Mass in Rome on March 19, 2013.

Title Created Date
US House holds hearing on persecution of Christians in Syria, Iraq 2014-09-12
Bishop to travel to White House, ask for visas for persecuted Iraqi Catholics 2014-09-12
Russian Orthodox leader speaks of ‘organic unity’ of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus 2014-09-12
Crimea: Catholic priest faces explusion, residency permit not renewed 2014-09-12
Senator Cruz booed after lecturing Eastern Catholic prelates on support for Israel 2014-09-11
Cardinal Sandri: educate so as not to fall prey to a vision of conflict between civilisations or religions 2014-09-11
Ukrainian bishops plead for international intervention in response to Russian aggression 2014-09-11
Iraqi priest: Mosul’s liberation must precede Christians’ return to homes 2014-09-11
May the Lord Reward and Give Courage to Christians in the Middle East and Syria 2014-09-11
Priest, parishioners detained in Crimea 2014-09-10
Pope to travel to Turkey in November; Chaldean Patriarch hopes for visit to Iraq 2014-09-10
Jerusalem patriarch laments suffering of Middle East’s Christians 2014-09-10
New report of forced conversions, looting in northern Iraq 2014-09-09
Prince Charles, Chaldean patriarch correspond on persecution of Iraqi Christians 2014-09-09
Situation in Crimea reminiscent of Communist era, says Orthodox prelate 2014-09-09
Albanian organizers rush to complete preparations for papal visit 2014-09-09
Papal appeal for peace in Ukraine, Lesotho 2014-09-08
Ukrainian Orthodox patriarch says Putin is agent of Satan 2014-09-08
Patriarch Louis Raphaël I calls for UN force to liberate territory captured by Islamic State 2014-09-05
Ukrainian Auxiliary Bishop Jan Sobilo: To Win the War, Ukraine Should Fast and Pray 2014-09-04
Mideast patriarchs to gather in Washington, meet with lawmakers 2014-09-04
Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphaël I blasts Iraqi government, international community for failure to help persecuted Christians 2014-09-04
Western nations should act against Russian aggression, says nuncio in Ukraine 2014-09-04
Pope recalls outbreak of World War II, rues persecution of Iraqi Christians 2014-09-04
Beheadings show brutality typical of Islamic State, says Iraqi archbishop 2014-09-03
Prelate rues rising Islamophobia in wake of Islamic State atrocities 2014-09-03
A decade after hostage crisis, Pope writes letter to Russian town’s residents 2014-09-03
Bishop compares destruction in Gaza to World War II 2014-09-03
Vatican envoy: international action needed in Iraq 2014-09-02
Tortured to death, Iraqi Christian hailed as martyr 2014-09-02
ISIS will spread if not stopped now, warns Maronite Paul Sayah 2014-09-02
Ukrainian Orthodox leader blasts Moscow patriarch, defends Eastern Catholics 2014-09-02
Iraq: fearing famine, patriarch calls for return of confiscated fields to Christians 2014-09-02
West must respond to ISIS persecution: Italian bishops' leader 2014-09-02
Knights of Columbus supreme convention hears about Ukraine 2014-09-01
In response to anguished letter, Pope calls Iraqi priest 2014-09-01
Patriarchial Encyclical for the Ecclesiastical New Year 2014-09-01
Patriarchs challenge Islamic officials, world leaders to take action against terrorists 2014-08-30
Movie about Cardinal Husar and His Classmates to Be Released in September 2014-08-29
Vatican prelate: world must act to defend, help Iraq’s Christians 2014-08-29
Iraqi prelate holds US responsible for plight of Christians 2014-08-28
Islamic State’s control of Syrian territory marked by crucifixions, amputations 2014-08-28
German bishops on Middle East: nations must act to prevent genocide 2014-08-28
Russian patriarch offers condolences to Pope Francis 2014-08-28
Russia, Moscow patriarchate spreading 'misinformation' about Ukraine, Catholic prelate charges 2014-08-27
Eastern Church leaders in summit, hoping to save Christian presence in Iraq, Syria 2014-08-28
Egypt: a year after attacks, Coptic Christians worship atop church ruins 2014-08-27
Historic visit of 5 patriarchs to Iraq’s persecuted Christians: full text of remarks 2014-08-27
Pope's special Iraq envoy heads next for Washington 2014-08-26
Vatican official, Syrian prelate call for international force to block Islamic State 2014-08-26

Exaltaton of the Cross

Save Your people, O Lord, and bless Your inheritance. * Grant victory to Your Church over her enemies * and protect your people by Your Cross. (Troparion)

Willing raised upon the Cross, O Christ God, * You bestow Your mercies upon a new people who are called by Your Name. *  May Your Church rejoice in Your strength. * Give her victory over every enemy. * May she have Your help as the weapon of peace, * the invincible ensign of victory. (Kontakion)

Wisdom from the Church Fathers

It was said about John the Little that one day he said to his older brother: "I want to be free from care and not to work but to worship God without interruption." And he took his robe off, and went into the desert. After staying there one week, he returned to his brother. And when he knocked at the door, his brother asked without opening it: "Who is it?" He replied: "It's John, your brother." The brother said: "John has become an angel and is not among people anymore." Then he begged and said: "It's me!" But his brother did not open the door and left him there in distress until the next morning. And he finally opened the door and said: "If you are a human being, you have to work again in order to live." Then John repented, saying: "Forgive me, brother, for I was wrong."

Sayings of the Desert Fathers