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Patriarch Bartholome with Pope News brings together in one place news focusing on the Christian East.

Churches and organizations that provide news about the Eastern Churches are invited to submit their news stories to us for publication here.

Materials from the Vatican Information Service, Zenit, and other sources are published here with permission of their owners but may not be republished further without the permission of their original publishers. Please visit these sites to obtain additional general news about the Church. In addition to these sources EWTN News also provides a good general news summary.

Photo: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople embraces newly enthroned Pope Francis after his inaugural Mass in Rome on March 19, 2013.

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Ukrainian Church Hierarchs Release Easter Messages 2014-04-18
Passion Thursday Pastoral Letter of His Beatitude Sviatoslav to priests of the Ukrainian Catholic Church 2014-04-18
The Head of the UGCC on Palm Sunday: "Let’s set weapons aside and allow Jesus Christ to enter into our land" 2014-04-18
"On the territory of Central Ukraine we happened as a church community..." - the Head of the UGCC addressed to the priests of Kyiv archdiocese 2014-04-18
Coptic Catholic cleric named as Pope's 2nd priest-secretary 2014-04-18
Jerusalem’s Christian leaders issue Easter message 2014-04-18
Leading Egyptian presidential candidates to attend Coptic Easter vigil 2014-04-18
The Message of Patriarch Sako: At Easter, the power of Christ's broken and risen body pushes Iraq to new life 2014-04-18
Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphael, in Easter message, asks peaceful future for Iraq 2014-04-17
Damascus Old City: 60 children injured by shell-fire from criminal armed bands 2014-04-17
Child killed, dozens hurt as missile strikes Catholic school in Damascus 2014-04-15
Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I exhorts Ukrainians to unity 2014-04-15
Patriarch Gregory III welcomes Syrian government’s victory in historic Christian town 2014-04-15
Greek Orthodox prelates denounce Catholicism as heresy 2014-04-15
Paschal Letter 2014 Of His Beatitude Gregorios III, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East Of Alexandria and of Jerusalem 2014-04-13
UGCC Issues Instructions for Behavior of Priests during Elections 2014-04-12
Catholics in Crimea isolated, fear losses 2014-04-10
UOC-MP Urges Priests to be Patriots and Prevent Separatist Sentiments among Laity 2014-04-10
Ukraine's Roman Catholic bishops condemn separatism and incitement to religious hatred 2014-04-10
Cardinal Delly, former Chaldean patriarch, dead at 86 2014-04-09
Moscow patriarch compares Ukrainian protests to Russian Revolution 2014-04-09
Missionary priest killed in Homs, Syria 2014-04-07
CTV Video: Fire levels Toronto-area Ukrainian Catholic church 2014-04-06
Fire destroys St. Elias the Prophet Ukrainian Catholic Church in Brampton, Ontario 2014-04-05
Bishop calls Bosnia-Herzegovina an 'artificial state' 2014-04-05
Papal message to new Syrian Orthodox patriarch 2014-04-05
On Sunday UGCC will perform the Act of placing Ukraine under the Intercession of the Blessed Mother 2014-04-05
Ukrainian Council of Churches Condemns Separatism and Advocates for Integrity and Inviolability of Ukraine’s Borders 2014-04-05
Patriarch Sviatoslav raps Moscow patriarchate for failure to condemn Russian aggression in Crimea 2014-04-02
New Jersey prelate to lead Syrian Orthodox Church 2014-04-02
Patriarch Kyrill I criticizes transgender ideology 2014-04-02
UGCC Stryj eparchy has auxiliary bishop 2014-04-02
Kharkiv Exarchate of UGCC Created, First Exarch Appointed 2014-04-02
Crimean Tatars offered the Orthodox Christians of Kyiv Patriarchate to hold services in their mosques 2014-03-28
Priests from Various Denominations Help Defend Ukraine’s Borders 2014-03-28
Report: 98 churches have been destroyed in Syria 2014-03-28
Ukrainian Catholics face rising hostility from Russian police, Russian Orthodox 2014-03-26
Lebanese Christians, Muslims join in Marian devotion 2014-03-26
Maronite Patriarch: Lebanese voters, not factions, should choose next president 2014-03-26
Iraq’s Christian leaders urge participation in elections 2014-03-25
Pope Francis receives Greek Orthodox delegation 2014-03-25
Bishop Bohdan (Dziurakh): “It is imperative to repudiate the shameless lies being spread by the power of the aggressor by witnessing to truth and goodness” 2014-03-24
UGCC is offering training for priests who are providing pastoral services to people on the Maidan 2014-03-24
Letter by His Beatitude Sviatoslav to Priests of UGCC Odesa and Crimea Exarchates 2014-03-24
ACN sends aid to Kyiv and Crimea 2014-03-24
Church in Prykarpattia Burns Down 2014-03-24
Syrian Orthodox Patriarch Ignatius Zakka I Iwas dead at 80 2014-03-24
Department for Religious Affairs Officially States that No UOC-MP Churches Were Seized During or After EuroMaidan 2014-03-23
Statement of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church (MP) 2014-03-21
Conference of European Churches expressed their solidarity with Ukrainian people 2014-03-21

Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead!

My soul, O my soul, rise up! Why are you sleeping? The end draws near, and soon you will be troubled. Watch, then, that Christ your God may spare you, for He is everywhere present and fills all things.

From the Great Canon of Andrew of Crete

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