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Photo: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople embraces newly enthroned Pope Francis after his inaugural Mass in Rome on March 19, 2013.

Title Created Date
Head of Assyrian Church of the East dies 2015-03-27
Ukrainian bishops speak of ministry amid suffering 2015-03-27
Despite devastation of war and threats of Islamic State, Syrian Christians returning to city of Homs 2015-03-26
Patriarch Gregorios III's Letter for Pascha 2015 2015-03-24
After church bombings, lynchings, Pakistani police arrest 200 Christians 2015-03-24
Indian Christian identity under attack, cardinal says 2015-03-24
Egyptian court upholds first-ever conviction of Muslim militant for blasphemy against Christianity 2015-03-23
Egyptian Christians, Muslims closer together in wake of martyrdoms in Libya, bishop says 2015-03-21
Pope raises Hungarian Byzantine Catholic Church to status of sui juris Metropolitan See 2015-03-20
Chaldean bishop: war is the only way to stop the persecution of Iraq’s Christians 2015-03-20
Assyrian prelate: Church is not allied with any faction in Syrian conflict 2015-03-20
Cardinal Sarah speaks of ‘sound tradition,’ ‘legitimate progress’ in the liturgy 2015-03-19
Vatican official assures Syria’s bishops of Pope’s closeness 2015-03-19
Melkite Patriarch Gregory III opposes international intervention in Syria 2015-03-19
Vatican condemns terror attack in Tunis 2015-03-19
Chaldean patriarch calls for prosecution of preachers who incite violence 2015-03-17
2 church bombings in Pakistan; Pope, bishops lament persecution of Christians 2015-03-16
Over 60 nations sign statement in support of Middle East’s Christians 2015-03-16
Fr. Teodor (Taras) Martynyuk, M.S.U., appointed auxiliary of the archieparchy of Ternopil'-Zboriv. 2015-03-13
Eparchy of St. Josaphat of Parma, Ohio holds youth Lenten lock-in retreat 2015-03-13
Appeal for a World Day of Prayer and Fasting for Peace in Syria from His Beatitude Patriarch Gregorios III 2015-03-13
Ancient Chaldean church in Mosul reported damaged but not destroyed 2015-03-12
Russian Orthodox leader speaks out on Ukraine conflict, European secularism 2015-03-11
Fighting against Islamic State driving more families from homes, Chaldean Patriarch reports 2015-03-11
Report: Islamic State destroys 10th-century church 2015-03-11
Support Christians in Middle East through Good Friday collection, Vatican prelates urge 2015-03-10
Report: new Islamic State attacks on Syrian Christian villages 2015-03-10
USCCB official calls for increased aid for Syrian refugees 2015-03-10
Fighting thwarts release of captives held by Islamic State in Syria 2015-03-09
Armed assault on Catholic church in Egypt 2015-03-09
Papal preacher devotes 2nd Lenten sermon to the Trinity in East and West 2015-03-09
Maronite Church will promote organ donation in Lebanon 2015-03-06
German bishops condemn Russian actions in Ukraine 2015-03-05
Russian Orthodox official: number of abortions has plunged since fall of Communism 2015-03-05
Report: interview with released Syrian Christian hostage 2015-03-05
Syrian rebels reject truce offer; bishop blames Western suppliers 2015-03-04
Report: Islamic State releases more Syrian Christian hostages 2015-03-04
Social media can be a ‘vanity fair,’ says Russian patriarch 2015-03-04
UGCC head Sviatoslav Shevchuk and President Poroshenko met on Saturday 2015-03-04
Coptic Patriarch meets with families of Libyan martyrs 2015-03-04
Islamic State releases some captives in Syria 2015-03-04
Pope Francis: pray for persecuted Christians of Syria and Iraq 2015-03-04
Pastoral Letter of His Beatitude Sviatoslav for Lent 2015 2015-03-27
The Recent Attack on Al-Hasakah villages 2015-02-27
Thoughts of Patriarch Gregorios III at the end of the fourth and beginning of the fifth year Of the Syrian Crisis or War on Syria 2015-02-27
Syrian Christians feel abandoned, papal nuncio reports 2015-02-26
Jerusalem: Orthodox seminary torched, Jewish extremists suspected 2015-02-27
Leading Russian Orthodox official sees Russia as ‘only center of non-enslaved civilization’ 2015-02-26
Ukrainian Catholic leader: Ukrainians ‘hurt’ by Pope’s description of war 2015-02-26
Islamic State begins killing hostages; 5,000 Christians flee in Syria 2015-02-26

Prayer of St. Ephrem

O Lord and Master of my life, drive away from me the spirit of despondency, carelessness, love of power, and idle chatter. (Prostration)

Instead, grant to me, Your servant, the spirit of wholeness of being, humility, patience, and love. (Prostration)

Yes, O Lord and King, grant that I may see my own faults and not condemn my brother. For You are blessed to the ages of ages. Amen. (Prostration)


Wisdom from the Church Fathers

When a man is disturbed or saddened under the pretext of a good and soul-profiting matter, and is angered against his neighbour, it is evident that this is not according to God: for everything that is of God is peaceful and useful and leads a man to humility and to judging himself.

St. Barsanuphius the Great