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Photo: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople embraces newly enthroned Pope Francis after his inaugural Mass in Rome on March 19, 2013.

Title Created Date
Holy See calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza-Israel conflict 2014-07-25
Syrian Orthodox leader laments silence of Muslim leaders in wake of Mosul 2014-07-25
Gregorios in an appeal to the world’s conscience: for Muslims and Christians to work together to save the Arab East 2014-07-24
Russian Orthodox leadership: tell the truth about downed airliner in Ukraine 2014-07-24
Archbishop Amel Nona of Mosul: We need action, not just words 2014-07-24
Patriarch Louis Raphaël I tells Mosul’s Christians: do not be afraid 2014-07-23
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has donated 1.3 million to Ukraine 2014-07-22
Iraq: jihadists expel monks from historic monastery 2014-07-22
Patriarch Sviatoslav: Christians have duty to defend their nation 2014-07-22
Missile hits Syrian monastery 2014-07-22
Report: few Mosul Christians converted to Islam 2014-07-22
‘Even Genghis Khan didn’t do this’: Mosul emptied of Christians 2014-07-21
Egypt’s government, Christian leaders negotiate on church construction 2014-07-21
Patriarch Sviatoslav urges international community: oppose aggression against Ukraine 2014-07-21
Russian Orthodox spokesman: female bishops in Church of England will harm ecumenical dialogue 2014-07-18
Leading Russian Orthodox official weighs in on Ukrainian conflict 2014-07-18
Priests kidnapped in Ukraine 2014-07-17
Chaldean patriarch urges Iraq’s parliament to elect new national leaders 2014-07-17
ISIL removes cross from Mosul cathedral 2014-07-17
Coptic Church will not endorse Egyptian political candidates, patriarch stresses 2014-07-16
Patriarch Kirill will not attend annual celebration in Ukraine 2014-07-16
Report: ISIL orders no food aid for Christians in Mosul 2014-07-16
Iraqi Christians 'disappearing,' but Kurdistan opens borders 2014-07-09
Video Excerpts of the Divine Liturgy celebrating the Transfer of the Relics of the Blessed Martyr Theodore and the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Release of the Church from the Underground 2014-07-14
Egypt's Copts appeal to president to curb kidnapping 2014-07-08
Could Ukrainian Orthodox seek independence from Moscow patriarchate? 2014-07-08
Deadlocked presidential election threatens Lebanon's future, Patriarch warns 2014-07-07
Death of Orthodox leader could raise new questions about Russian influence in Ukraine 2014-07-07
Survey finds weak religious practice among Russian Orthodox 2014-07-05
Iraq’s Catholics ‘live the mystery of the sleep of Christ in the boat,’ says Patriarch 2014-07-03
Jerusalem patriarch condemns kidnappings, killings, decries calls for revenge 2014-07-03
Eastern patriarchs call upon international community to save Iraq 2014-07-02
Serbian patriarch reportedly opposed to canonization of Croatian cardinal 2014-07-02
Patriarch Gregorios III prays that God may anchor living faith in the hearts of Muslims, sends Ramadan greetings 2014-07-02
Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I: meetings with Pope Francis are ‘like a precious treasure’ 2014-07-01
Papal appeal for Iraq 2014-06-30
Look at one another with the eyes of faith,’ Pope tells Orthodox delegation 2014-06-30
Patriarch Gregorios III speaks at opening of Antiochian Conference at Univesity of Balamand 2014-06-28
Closing of the Holy Synod of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church 2014-06-24
Melkite Archiepiscopal Transferrals 2014-06-26
Russia placing new restrictions on churches in Crimea 2014-06-27
Tens of thousands of Syrian Catholics flee Islamist advance 2014-06-27
Pope urges Eastern churches to be peacemakers 2014-06-26
Orthodox delegation in Rome for feast of Sts. Peter and Paul 2014-06-26
Egypt: Christian imprisoned for insulting Islam 2014-06-25
Amid Iraqi crisis, Chaldean Catholic Church begins synod 2014-06-25
Pope pays tribute to fidelity of Ukraine’s Greek Catholics 2014-06-23
Russian Patriarch not welcome in Ukraine, says government minister 2014-06-20
Situation worsening around Mosul, says prelate 2014-06-19
Orientale Lumen XVIII Conference set for June 23-26 in Washington, DC 2014-06-18

Troparion of the Resurrection

When You descended to death, O Immortal Life, * You slew Hades with the lightning of Your divinity. * And when You raised the dead from the depths of the earth, * all the heavenly Powers cried out: * “O Giver of Life, Christ our God, glory to You!” (Troparion)

Wisdom from the Church Fathers

Demons often transform themselves into angels of light and take the form of martyrs, and make it appear to us during sleep that we are in communication with them. Then, when we wake up, they plunge us into unholy joy and conceit. But you can detect their deceit by this very fact. For angles reveal torments, judgments and separations; and when we wake up we find that we are trembling and sad. As soon as we begin to believe the demons in dreams, then they make sport of us when we are awake too. He who believes in dreams is completely inexperienced. 'But he who distrusts all dreams is a wise man. Only believe dreams that warn you of torments and judgments. But if despair afflicts you, then such dreams are also from demons.

St. John Climacus, The Ladder of Divine Ascent