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Photo: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople embraces newly enthroned Pope Francis after his inaugural Mass in Rome on March 19, 2013.

Title Created Date
President of Ukraine promotes single Orthodox Church 2015-07-29
Patriarch John X of Antioch pleads for peace in Middle East 2015-07-29
New Armenian Catholic patriarch elected 2015-07-27
Prelate reiterates Pope's concern for Iraq's Christians 2015-07-27
Pakistani priest: 130 Christians are now facing blasphemy charges 2015-07-27
Chaldean Patriarch repeats plea for papal visit to Iraq 2015-07-27
Syria: prelate confirms priest's abduction 2015-07-20
Ukraine: bishop fears ‘total invasion’ by Russia 2015-07-20
Statement from the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies Regarding Pope Francis’s Recognition of Archbishop Sheptytsky’s Heroic Virtues 2015-07-18
"Heroic virtues" of Abp Andrey Sheptytsky, 7 others 2015-07-18
Metropolitan Hilarion blasts Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage 2015-07-08
Encyclical manifests Pope’s strong relations with Ecumenical Patriarch, says theologian 2015-07-08
Prelate: St. John Paul was like Moses for the Ukrainians 2015-07-07
Papal tribute to deceased Armenian Patriarch 2015-07-01
Patriarch Gregorios III on the Repose of H. B. Nerses Bedros XIX of blessed memory, Armenian Catholic Catholicos Patriarch of Cilicia 2015-07-01
Metropolitan Hilarion meets with 3 Vatican officials 2015-06-30
Catholic-Orthodox unity ‘one of my main concerns,’ says Pope 2015-06-29
Encyclical on environment ‘filled us with immense satisfaction,’ says Ecumenical Patriarch 2015-06-29
Coptic Pope denounces 'Gospel of Barnabas' 2015-06-25
Chaldean Patriarch suggests single unified patriarchate for Iraqi Christians 2015-06-25
Armenian Catholic patriarch dead at 75 2015-06-25
Prelate: the Church in Pakistan refuses to be silenced 2015-06-25
UGCC Patriarch led the festivities on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of a parish in Ohio, USA 2015-06-24
Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako urges Muslims to work for Iraqi reconciliation, unity 2015-06-24
Conclusion of the June 2015 Synod of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church 2015-06-22
Pope meets with Syrian Orthodox patriarch, laments persecution of Christians 2015-06-21
Patriarch Gregorios III's Prayers and Good Wishes for Ramadan and the Apostle's Fast 2015-06-20
Opening Statement from the Holy Synod of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church 2015-06-18
Syrian Orthodox Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II begins visit to Rome 2015-06-17
Most Lebanese considering emigration, Melkite Patriarch reports 2015-06-16
Russian Orthodox spokesman: common date for Easter celebration acceptable-- if Orthodox calendar is used 2015-06-16
Al Maryamiyah Joint Appeal from Five Patriarchs of Antioch and All the East 2015-06-16
Chaldean Patriarch's new book makes case for just war to defend Christians in Iraq 2015-06-15
Syria's Assad meets with Orthodox prelates, pledges support against Islamic terror 2015-06-12
Iraqi prelate to West: help liberate Mosul, or open doors to refugees 2015-06-12
“Christian Ukraine may become challenge for secularized Europe,” Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk says 2015-06-10
Pope Francis called for a “sincere and great effort to realize peace” in Ukraine, as he met on June 10 with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. During a 50-minute conversation that was described as cordial but serious, the Pope pressed the Russian leader 2015-06-10
Pope meets with Putin, presses for peace in Ukraine 2015-06-10
Christian Patriarchs plead: help us survive in Syria 2015-06-09
Protect the oceans, Ecumenical Patriarch urges 2015-06-09
Ukrainian archbishop says Europe must address his country's crisis 2015-06-08
In Sarajevo, Pope pleads for peace, laments ‘worldly’ religious, decries ‘filthy’ programs 2015-06-08
Ukraine issue will be in focus when Putin meets Pope 2015-06-05
Iraqi prelate calls for additional military action against Islamic State 2015-06-05
Russian Orthodox Church ends dialogue with 2 Protestant communities 2015-06-04
Religious organizations in Ukraine granted right to establish secondary schools 2015-06-04
Report: Putin to meet with Pope 2015-06-04
Prophet Nahum’s tomb threatened by Islamic State advance 2015-06-04
Europe’s Eastern Catholic bishops discuss family 2015-06-04
Syrian prelate begs West to intervene against Islamic State; cathedral severely damaged 2015-06-03

Teachings of Christ

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6 ESV)

Holy Prophet Elias

The glorious Elias, * an angel in the flesh, the foundation of prophets and the second Forerunner of the coming of Christ * sent grace from on high to Elisha * to drive away sickness and cleanse lepers. * Wherefore, he pours forth healings for those who honor him. (Troparion - Tone 4)

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.

O Prophet and foreseer of the great works of our God, * O renowned Elias, who, by your word restrained the clouds of rain, * pray for us to the only One Who loves mankind. (Kontakion - Tone 2)

The Church celebrates the memory of the Holy Prophet Elias on July 20th.

Random Proverb

"My son, do not forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commandments, for length of days and years of life and peace they will add to you." (Proverbs 3:1,2 ESV)

Wisdom from the Church Fathers

Even a pious person is not immune to spiritual sickness if he does not have a wise guide -- either a living person or a spiritual writer. This sickness is called _prelest_, or spiritual delusion, imagining oneself to be near to God and to the realm of the divine and supernatural. Even zealous ascetics in monasteries are sometimes subject to this delusion, but of course, laymen who are zealous in external struggles (podvigi) undergo it much more frequently. Surpassing their acquaintances in struggles of prayer and fasting, they imagine that they are seers of divine visions, or at least of dreams inspired by grace. In every event of their lives, they see special intentional directions from God or their guardian angel. And then they start imagining that they are God's elect, and often try to foretell the future. The Holy Fathers armed themselves against nothing so fiercely as against this sickness -- prelest.

Metropolitan Anthony Khrapovitsky