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Photo: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople embraces newly enthroned Pope Francis after his inaugural Mass in Rome on March 19, 2013.

Title Created Date
Pope appeals for peace in Middle East 2015-10-09
Syrian prelate welcomes Russian airstrikes 2015-10-09
Latin Patriarchate pleads for calm in Jerusalem 2015-10-09
Syrian Catholic Patriarch Patriarch Ignace Youssif III rips Western indifference 2015-10-08
Jerusalem patriarchate urges new Israeli-Palestinian talks as new violence flares 2015-10-07
Syrian Patriarch Ignatius Joseph III decries US policy toward Syria 2015-10-07
Russian Orthodox Church: Oregon shootings manifest anti-Christian hatred 2015-10-07
Patriarch Sviatoslav calls for greater Vatican efforts on behalf of Ukraine 2015-10-06
Syrian archbishop rips US support for Islamic rebels 2015-10-02
Patriarch Kirill of Moscow backs nation’s military intervention in Syria 2015-10-01
Patriarch Kirill of Moscow meets with Abbas 2015-09-29
Patriarch Kirill of Moscow: sanctions against Russia promote self-sufficiency 2015-09-23
Report documents human rights violations in Crimea under Russian rule 2015-09-23
Papal message to new head of Assyrian Church of the East 2015-09-21
Moscow patriarch praises Russian PM 2015-09-21
Report: Pope Francis, Palestinian president speak about Jerusalem violence 2015-09-18
Do not encourage Christians to leave the Middle East, patriarch pleads 2015-09-18
The Most Invisible Christians in Washington 2015-09-17
Syrian bishop explains exodus of refugees, rips failure of international leaders to end bloodshed 2015-09-17
'No one can pretend not to know' about Christian persecution in Syria, Iraq, Pope says 2015-09-17
Synod leader: the Church must include, not exclude 2015-09-17
Patriarch Ignatius Joseph III: Western ground troops needed to fight Islamic State 2015-09-15
Ukrainian prelate speaks of Church’s growth 2015-09-15
Papal charity plans conference on refugee crisis in Syria and Iraq 2015-09-15
Serbian president meets with Pope, discusses refugee crisis 2015-09-15
Patriarch Gregorios III: Thoughts on the tragic Syrian emigration 2015-09-15
A Communiqué on the Synod of Bishops of the UGCC 2015-09-12
UGCC Bishops remind authorities about moral obligation to fight corruption 2015-09-12
Patriarch Gregorios III: The tragedy of emigration - A pity for the Arab world! 2015-09-10
Church’s mission is not political, says Coptic pope 2015-09-10
Report: Islamic State releases 15 Christian hostages 2015-09-10
Saudis censor National Geographic with Pope on cover 2015-09-10
Arab Israelis join protest against cuts in funding for Christian schools 2015-09-10
Australian archbishop: give preference to Christian refugees from Syria 2015-09-10
Keynote Address By His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew to the Synaxis of Hierarchs of the Throne 2015-09-04
Ukrainian issue at the Synaxis of Hierarchs of The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople 2015-09-04
Islamic State imposes tax on Christians in Syrian city 2015-09-04
Christian, Muslim leaders discuss plight of Christians in Syria, Iraq 2015-09-02
Russian patriarch criticizes Ukrainian Catholics; Coptic pope says ‘real’ Ukrainians are Orthodox 2015-09-02
Stay out of political campaigns, Ukrainian Catholic leader reminds priests 2015-09-02
Orthodox bishops discuss pan-Orthodox council 2015-09-02
Archbishop Marini to lead Eastern Catholic liturgical commission 2015-09-01
Iraqi archbishop: 20% of local Christians emigrated in 2014 2015-09-02
Anglicans to join Catholics, Orthodox in prayer for creation 2015-08-31
Declare the killing of Middle East’s Christians a genocide, Iraqi prelate urges 2015-08-31
Lebanese Muslims issue declaration on religious freedom 2015-08-28
Ukrainian-Canadian Jesuit David Nazar appointed as a rector of the Pontifical Oriental Institute 2015-08-27
Mortar attacks on 2 Damascus churches 2015-08-27
Pope meets with Iraqi priest who ministers to refugees 2015-08-27
Iraqi government addresses plight of Baghdad’s Christians 2015-08-27

Teachings of Christ

“Whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 10:33 ESV)

Protection of the Mother of God

Protected by your coming, O Mother of God, * the faithful people celebrate today with splendor, * and, gazing at your most pure image, * we say with compunction: * "Shield us with your precious veil * and deliver us from all evil * imploring your Son, Christ our God, to save our souls.” (Troparion - Tone 4)

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.

Today the Virgin stands forth in the Church, * and with the choirs of saints she invisibly prays to God for us. * The Angels worship with the hierarchs, * and the apostles exult with the prophets, * because, in our behalf, the Mother of God entreats the pre-eternal God. (Kontakion - Tone 3)

The Church celebrates the Feast of the Protection of the Mother of God on October 1st.

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Wisdom from the Church Fathers

Repentance is the renewal of baptism. Repentance is a contract with God for a second life. A penitent is a buyer of humility. Repentance is constant distrust of bodily comfort. Repentance is self-condemning reflection, and carefree self-care. Repentance is the daughter of hope and the renunciation of despair. A penitent is an undisgraced convict. Repentance is reconciliation with the Lord by the practice of good deeds contrary to the sins. Repentance is purification of conscience. Repentance is the voluntary endurance of all afflictions. A penitent is the inflicter of his own punishments. Repentance is a mighty persecution of the stomach, and a striking of the soul into vigorous awareness.

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